Earn to Die 2015

Earn to die 2015 also known as Battlefield Medic: World War II has the same concept as earn to die games except that the setting was changed from a zombie apocalypse to a war zone. The game starts at July 7, 1944 and you are medic trying to reach your base to cure injured soldiers. German soldiers are the enemy and the only way to defeat them and to your base is to upgrade your vehicle, and install protection and weapons.

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The concept of the game is simple. You need to get to your base which is thousands of feet away from your current location by driving cars and running through barricades, tanks, brick walls, war tanks and german soldiers. In order to pass through all the obstructions you need to upgrade your car. The start of the game will be tough because you will have a weak car, and your job is to earn money by driving from the starting point to as far as you can. Money can also be collected along the way where cash is placed and you just have to drive through them. Clearing each level will unlock new and stronger cars.


The control of the game is same as earn to die zombie apocalypse games.

Using the Keyboard
Up Arrow – accelerate
Down Arrow – drop
Left Arrow – tilt counterclockwise
Right Arrow – tilt clockwise
X – activate jet
R – give up and return to the shop

Using the mouse
The mouse is use to buy and upgrade your car while in the shop.


Earn to Die 2015


The shop is where you can select and upgrade a car. This is also where will you be headed if after each turn whether you succeeded or failed the mission.


Small Old Car – This is your starting car. This car can only finish mission 1, however this may also be used in other missions but wont have the capacity to succeed.

Army Jeep – The army medic jeep is unlocked after finishing mission 1.   (check it on the image above)

Army Van – This car is the strongest of all the cars. A fully upgraded army van is needed in order to finish all of the missions  (check it on the top image)


Fuel – The life of the car. It is your job to manage the use of your fuel to reach your base without running out of fuel. You can increase your fuel capacity by upgrading your fuel tanks. Running out of fuel before reaching the end means you fail.

Suspension – This stabilizes you car. Upgrading this feature minimizes flips and turns.

Engine – Improved engines give you better acceleration and will conserve fuel.

Tuning – Upgraded tuning gives you a better engine which means more speed. This also lightens you car.

Wheels – Wheels are essential, they can run through rough and rocky terrain easily when upgraded

Rockets – Rockets give you a speed boost. Activating them in ramps will increase your air time. Rockets need fuel to run, increasing their fuel capacity will be helpful.

Armor – Armors are your defense mechanism against soldiers and their traps.

Mounted Guns – They shoot automatically at enemies at site even obstacles as long as they have ammo. This will be very helpful in battling war tanks.

Earn to Die 2015


Finishing the three missions is not the only goal of the game. While playing you will be awarded medals for the soldiers you kill, the money you collect, the obstacles you smash, and the stunts you landed. A total of 20 medals must be collected to complete the game.


This game is suitable for teenagers only due to display of violence.

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