Earn to Die 2013

Earn to die 2013 or 2012 part 2 is a continuation of the main character’s journey. In this part of the series it was revealed that the main character is headed to a military base where survivors like him must be safe.

Finishing each level with three strong cars is the goal of this game to help the main character reach his safe haven. Your task is to drive the vehicles as far as you can to earn money and fully upgrade your cars.

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Earn To Die 2013


Controls for this game is the same as the controls of the previous earn to die games.

Up Arrow Key – press to move forward and accelerate. Pressing this key while your car is airborne will not affect your car’s speed but will still consume fuel.

Down Arrow Key – press to move backwards or decelerate. This function is used when you fail to climb a ramp to gain momentum and try to climb again.

Left/Right Arrow Key – press to tilt your vehicle clockwise or counterclockwise. Tilting is necessary when your car is in mid-air to avoid turning your car upside-down.

Ctrl or X – press to activate booster. Boost function will be available when you upgraded your car for this function.

Your mouse will be used for buying and upgrading cars in the garage, and choosing options in the main menu.


Unlike the two previous earn to die games, cars in this game will not be bought by money to be unlocked. Each level of the game has designated car for you to use. You cannot use a car for the next level as well as you may not use the car from the previous level.

Fire Truck – the strongest starting car among all earn to die games. This car might be as powerful as the bus from earn to die 2012 part 1.

Red Truck – to unlock this vehicle you must clear level 1 first and get to the 1st checkpoint. This looks the same as the last vehicle of ear to die 2011, but this car is definitely stronger than that.

Military Transport Truck – this car unlocks after you clear the level 2. Same as other earn to die games the last vehicle is the strongest. This also has the most expensive upgrades among the three vehicles.

Earn to Die 2013


Fuel – Fuel is what makes a car run. It determines the life of a car and the distance it could travel

Wheels – Wheels are upgraded to drive through the rocky and rugged terrain easily. A car with non-upgraded wheels will be stopped or slowed down by zombies, boxes and other obstacles easily. However, fully upgraded wheels will still experience minimum slowing down from obstacles.

Engine and Transmission – Engines and transmission determines the speed and acceleration of the car. Upgraded engines and transmissions enables the car to accelerate faster and consume fewer fuel in the process.

Guns and Zombie Kits – Weapons are used to kill zombies the are blocking the way to the checkpoint. Guns fire automatically until it runs out of ammo while zombie kits are weapons placed in front of your vehicle to smash zombies.

NOTE: When you fully upgrade a car, it will be an addition of 5 engine power points.


Compared to previous earn to die games, prices of upgrades in this version is superbly higher. However with stronger cars earning cash is easier.


Each level is designed so that you can only finish it with fully upgraded vehicles. Guns might be unnecessary but your cars will not gain the additional engine power if guns upgrade is not maxed out. Fuel management is also a key to finish the game. Fuels are only enough to travel from the garage to the next checkpoint.

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