Earn to Die 2012

After escaping by a helicopter from earn to die 2011, the chopper runs out of fuel and you are once again stock in a zombie infested area. You must look for a safe place and ride through a pack of zombies using vehicles.

Like the previous earn to die game the game won’t be finished unless you have the most expensive car fully upgraded. Earn cash, buy new and stronger car, upgrade them and get to every checkpoint, these are your objectives in this game sequel.

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Up Arrow Key – accelerate vehicle and move you forward

Down Arrow Key – break and move you backward

Left and Right Arrow Key – let’s you tilt your vehicle especially when in mid-air.

Ctrl or X – activates booster. (A booster must be installed to the vehicle to activate this feature)

Upgrading and buying cars is done with the use of your mouse.


Muscle Car – There is no need to buy this car, it is already available and ready for upgrade once the game has started. This has same level as the good old pick up from earn to die 2011

Armored Humvee – It costs $500. It is practical to use this vehicle as soon as you have the money to earn faster and buy the bus.

School Bus – The strongest car in this game. It costs $2500 having this car fully upgraded is the only way to finish the game.

Earn To Die 2012


Fuel – This keeps the car going, the more you upgrade this, the further the distance you will travel

Wheels – Upgrading the wheels let’s you drive easier along rocky terrains and climb uphill.

Gearbox and Engines – Upgraded engines will make you faster and use up fewer amount of fuel while traveling long distances.

Boost – Installing a booster will help climb ramps and accelerate in mid-air. As you can notice, cars don’t accelerate while flying so activating the boost in mid-air is a way to keep your speed up.

Zombie Kit – This is a new feature in this game sequel. It is a set of deadly melee weapons put in top of the hood of your car. Installing this will help you get rid of zombies that are blocking the way.

Gun – From a light machine gun to a heavy one. Guns fire automatically at zombies in site. However this feature has its limits, once your gun runs out of ammo it won’t fire anymore.
TIP: If you have enough cash to max out an upgrade, do it. It will save you some cash. Buying the first upgrades for wheels, engines and transmission will be neglected once the last upgrade is bought, so its better to buy only the last upgrade.


Another additional feature from the previous version is the checkpoint system. Once you reach the checkpoint, your starting point will be this areas where a new garage is waiting. (Garage per checkpoint have same cars and equipments, nothing will be changed with your upgrades and cars once you reached a new checkpoint.)


One of the most essential thing to do in this game is to earn money as fast as you can to buy the school bus and fully upgrade it. The cash rewarded per day depends on the distance you travelled, and zombie hits you done.

Earn Do Die 2012

WARNING: Clicking the restart level button will lose all the money you have earned during your previous run, it is best to go to the garage every time you fail to reach a checkpoint.


Violence in this zombie apocalypse game is too much for children younger than 12. It is better the teenagers only play this game.

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