Earn to Die 2011

The zombies invaded your town and you are a survivor. The only way to escape is by reaching a helicopter more than 3000 feet from where you are. The goal of the game is too reach the helicopter and escape in a short number of days as possible. The only way to reach the goal is earn money and gear up a good vehicle that will smash all obstacles and zombies.

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You are a survivor trying to escape a zombie apocalypse by riding a car from your garage to a helicopter. The faster you get to the helicopter the better. Obstacles such as zombies, a pile of boxes or rocky terrains will stop you from escaping. Hitting obstacles in the game will decelerate your vehicle. Running out of fuel or turning upside down before reaching to chopper means you fail and must return to the garage.



 Up Arrow Key
- accelerate (Pressing this button while in mid-air will only waste fuel but not accelerate your car.)

Down Arrow Key
- breaks

Left and Right Arrow Key
-tilting (Tilting the car is essential especially while in mid-air or going downhill to avoid turning your car upside down)

-activate boost

Use your mouse to click upgrades or buy new cars while in the garage.



Since the starting money is only $500 it is just enough to buy this car.

OLD GOOD PICK-UP – $25,000
This car can easily run through small zombies and pile of boxes than a small hatchback

The most expensive and strongest car of the game.


Earn to Die 2011 Preview


Fuel – The car won’t move without this, that’s why it is a very essential upgrade.
Boost – It gives the car additional velocity. It will be very helpful in uphill parts of the game. This is also useful to travel further in mid-air to save some fuel.
Wheels – Upgrading the wheels will let your car pass through rocks and rugged terrains easier.
Transmissions and Engines – Like cars in real life, these are the heart of every vehicle. Upgrading these will help you accelerate faster and consume fewer fuel while doing so.
Weapon – Upgrading weapons will help but wont be very important. These guns fire automatically once a zombie is cited.

The game was designed to be finished with the most expensive car fully upgraded. Earning money is the only way to achieve this goal and be able to travel 3130 feet.

NOTE: Upgrades done to a car will not be carried to the other vehicles. Each car has a separate set of upgrades that are compatible to them.



Earning money in this game is the most important thing you must do. You will be rewarded money depending on the distance you travelled from the starting point to the point where you run out of fuel or your car stumbled and will not be able to move. The further you go, the larger the cash.

Another way to earn money is by doing stunts. Stunts refer to the ways you smash zombies and boxes. However, once you did a stunt you will not be rewarded with cash if you do it again unless you do it to more number of zombies than the first time you did a certain stunt.



The garage is where you can buy cars and upgrade them. Each time you run out of fuel or get stuck you will be headed to the garage with the money that you’ve earned from you previous run. When you return to the garage, you will start your next run from the starting point again.



Once you reached the helicopter and escaped the challenge mode will be unlocked. In this mode you will be given three tries and go as far as you can with the freedom to choose among the three cars with corresponding budgets.


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